To the Virgin Mother and my Master, her Blessed Son.

These words are born not from one of denomination but of an appreciative mind of what Mother and Son must have had to endure….

How do I tell you I am sorry for all your pain dear Mother and Son
The sacrifice you made was tremendous and yet each time I turn a blind eye and do as I please… I take you back to that moment .
Master and Mother… Please take pity on this young woman’s soul.
Dear Master and Son, you were scourged for my sins; bruised for my iniquity and yet…daily I find ways of putting you back on that tree.

Dear Mother, although you knew since the time of my Master’s birth the weight he would carry, still you brought Him up to embrace that destiny. It couldn’t have been easy for you… You a woman like myself and yet nothing like me.
You bore a child; raised and nurtured him in the way of the Lord. Of course you must have known the dangers that laid ahead for the Son of Man but you encouraged him still.

I apologise for every time its seem as if I do not appreciate the pain you went through.

….Thank you Dear and Blessed Mother.



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