…2 Mes’

What if I had 2 Mes'?
The lover, to say; to do as men need, 
the other a friend to no end indeed.
If it were so, 
to what end would men use both?  

The lover and the friend, 
they are both willing to please
but the friends of the friend; the lover's lovers,
... they are in disconnect,
wanting no real position in relation!

So what IF I had 2 Mes', 
the lover and the friend?
To my tears there would be no end.
They would cry to each other; 
Brood about a brother 
until they realize, 
all they really have is each other
... Sad!

THANK God I am NOT 2 Mes'!
I with one me, 
I am free to shift and change as I please!
The lover and the friend,
...they are all in me 
along with the bitch and the enemy,
depending on the button a brother pushes, 
that he will see.

I AM the Friend; I AM the Lover,
I am ONE; I am ME....   
©2009 Festivalking


4 comments on “…2 Mes’

  1. You write well. Hope you use your skill positively to make the world a better place! Does the botton that the man presses determine who you are? You truely are gifted and can choose what side to show!

    • Thank you for the comment. U r correct about me making a choice…. I actually wrote this during a very emotional period in my life, but I’m still proud I could express myself.

  2. We all seem to have our up times and down times. The more defined we are, the more likely we would produce the same results even under pressure.
    All things being equal, if you are to recommend a button to a brother, what button would that be?
    I sincerely enjoy the way you write! 🙂

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