Sex’s Soul

If sex has a soul
then you and I have found it;

If it were a state,
then we have wondered its hills
and tasted of its fountains.

If sex was a vine
then we have drank of its sweet wine;

If it were a race
then we have reached the finish line;

We have danced to its glorious song,
that sweet rapture

that has taken us through the night long.

Sex’s soul!
A cauldron of heat and fire.

It bursts forth as sweat, smell and screams;
born of man’s desire!

We have found its place,
not many seen,

and have visited over and over,
as many lovers been.

And as we reach journey’s end of “you”and “I”,
sex’s soul is lost for an instant
until each with new love re-visit it;
We embark on new flights,
to climb its many hills
and drink of its fountains;

…To find the soul of sex.

ยฉ2009 Festivalking


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