War Paint


A slimmer face,
Narrower nose and Higher cheek bones;
Fuller lips and Dazzling eyes…
These and more you can supply.
You make my skin glow
and bless me with a radiant complexion…
I cling to you,
for you are my perfection.

My “War paint”!
My great disguise in this “cosmetic nation”.

With you I blend in,
I am Trendy and Youthful,
Sexy as sin!… I AM BEAUTIFUL!
…Without you I am insecure;
Scared of what could be seen
once I am stripped of your wondrous sheen.

Hide my blemishes, quickly!
Spare men the sight of swollen bags under my eyes!
Stay so they may pay no attention to
my aging skin and stress lines!

…Sadly this is me “au natural”;
This is me when the Vail falls.

War paint… My biggest lie!
Yet, you are the arsenal in my hunt for a guy;
you, my greatest ally.

…And so, sadly but TRUE,
it is with you all my flaws I hide,
with each layer of “war paint” I apply.

©2011 Festivalking

This is how dependent many have become on cosmetics… let’s not over do it shall we!


8 comments on “War Paint

  1. Awesome…. Sadly this is true.. I would that ladies would be more self confident and trust more in their “natural” self. I am not against making up. But it hurts to see lots of young ladies depend on make up for self confidence and assurance of their looks.. Good one!

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