Misery’s Dam

Sad woman.
how often your eyes hold back Misery’s dam,
with ardent nerve you restrain a saline river within its gates,
A vessel full of emotion,  forever fighting to maintain your calm.
You resist the surge, yet  the cracks betray you.
From between your lids the mix of salt and water escape as  narrow streams down each side of  your face,
…A face flushed with pain.
Heart and  body ache as you keep it from vibrating  jolts of emotion coursing through your veins.
Why do you hide Sad woman?
Why do you insist on bottling this hurt inside Proud woman?
You have every right as any to feel unstrong.
Do not keep your inner wounds concealed
Permit  your tears and let your weakness be revealed
Summon up the tempest within, wail and scream as you feel
Burst open Misery’s dam; be  unashamed of your weakness and let all men see.
Let the waters of Misery’s dam come forth;
Let its river, down your face run free….
©2011 Festivalking

12 comments on “Misery’s Dam

    • Thanks Scott.
      I know right!… Its funny because I cannot tell you where some of my work comes from… I just write.
      Just hope I haven’t spoiled your mood though :o…
      Will work on something up beat soon 😉

  1. I thought it was beautiful. Something really beautiful about seeing inside others and being able to write about it. Thank you so much. Your blog and you are beautiful too!

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