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This week has been hilarious and quite interesting for me, and I had two crazy incidents that were related to the ‘Logistics West Africa’ exhibition that was held at the Eko hotels from the 1st to the 3rd of November, 2011.

Event 1.

My office picked out two delegates, and one of my bosses was a speaker at the event. I didnt go for the opening of the exhibition but later that day, I was told I would have to be present there the next day to ‘sit’ at the offices’ stall which I secretely named ‘the kissing booth’. Anyway, after being told of my responsibility, my immediate boss hands me the company’s branded polo shirt and face cap, and I thought to myself, “ugh, I’m so not wearing this!”. I’m quite small, and even though the shirt that was given to me was a ‘small’ size, when I got home and…

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