Never a “WE”…

       One time I would watch this video and my heart would bleed (Laughing at my stupidity :D)….. I wanted a certain Ex of mine to see it and know that I was that woman he would regret never having…Desperate right!? ;).
Well, I’ll have you know that dreams do come true! He FINALLY made reference to the song during our conversation yesterday… Lights lit up within me and somewhere in my head I heard myself scream “YESSSS, VICTORY!!!!” 😀
Smiling as I write:

Never a “WE“, just a “YOU” and “ME
My heart, strong and decided on staying love’s course,
  trying to make it work, while you effortlessly hurt
Adamant to make us a “WE” by force; for my pride sake I bear love’s curse.

An object of such ridicule in trying to be your friend,
Making myself available even when unwanted.

A part of you I so longed for,
But a longing that only made my heart sore…

Hail my epiphany! “looking into the mirror of my heart and staring back, a woman stripped of her pride.”
Hail my Realization! “Wishing on a dying star would bear more possibility than my love kicking against your tide.”

Permitting my love for you run its course; finally letting go, now it dawns on you!
O poor fool, now you know!

You fed off my love, yet never let it show, and confess now how for “YOU” there will never be another “ME“!?
Well THAT my dear “YOU” fills my heart with such glee.

….I feel my pride return now; A smiling woman stares back at me.

She tried and tried and tried again… but I guess “WE” was never meant to be…

©2011 Festivalking

P.S- Glad to say that dude and I are still very good friends …. 😉


2 comments on “Never a “WE”…

  1. I guess some things are never meant to be. Learning that a lot these days, as i reflect on “could have been(s)” There are no regrets that she and i were not a we. Some things in life come to teach us for the future, and others we stumble in cos of impatience and lack of discernment. But even in the heart wrenching ones, a lesson learned is not undone.

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