Words for a Hurting Heart

Past reception to love has ended in torment;
the heart has been struck hard!
It will not trust…only to gut does it cling.
To new love the heart speaks,
“Me thinks I will play pretend and wait out this episode’s end;
Surely this love that so runs amock will soon under life’s pressure get stuck!”
It waits for the snags, the mistakes, the hiccups;
To hear the words “I’m sorry”, a preview to the Breakup.
Pessimistic this once beautiful heart has become…
But can it be blamed?!
From break to break a once virgin heart aches, and is now undone.
Casting feeling aside, calculation it applies to reduce the strain of impending disgrace.
Settled in mind, “THIS is the path!” the heart decides.
Dear fraction of being, where emotions weigh strong;
Delicate, Vulnerable, yet where will is born,
I see the path you take is of despair.
The fear of feeling a stranger’s love and in turn yours share,
Is that not my friend true despair?….
Someone said “what is yours shall surely come to you.”
Trust me dear heart, these words ring true… be strong;
After the hurt, in time permit yourself heal…and when you do, please dear heart,Β  without reticence …LOVE that someone new.

Β©2011 Festivalking


17 comments on “Words for a Hurting Heart

  1. im felling the sentient of this poem right now… i feel like one of the best thigs about it is the statement β€œwhat is yours shall surely come to you.” loved it thank you and good job!

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