Beggar Girl

Different lives, different locations;
But sharing that same condition… A beggar girl’s destiny.
Born into penury, her pockets she fills with her plea

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam help ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

As a child her innocence is her might,
Her youthful smile and laughter her charm,
With pure resilience she disarms her passerby,
Attaching herself to her prospective financier
this small frame with teary eyes lets out her angelic cry

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam help ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

She grows older; begging her career
but the older she gets, the less her financiers
Her innocence is lost with age, a woman is on the rise,
Not many pity a wondering girl in her teens as she gives off her daily cry

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam help ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

In some stories, on the streets she becomes a woman begging for her bread,
And where begging fills not her pocket, her body is often shared.
Her story is told in most corners of the world,
She is different colours, shapes and sizes yet a common “Beggar girl”.
Her call for aid is made in different languages and most mother tongues,
But here, these are the words I hear so often sung

“Oga gimme change na!
Madam hep ya daughta!
Daddy I beg hep me!
Mommy gimme wata!”

Β©2011 Festivalking

28 thoughts on “Beggar Girl

  1. I agree with zee..your words perfectly illustrate what you are trying to convey through this piece
    love it πŸ™‚

  2. the older she gets, the less her financiers
    Her innocence is lost with age

    Those lines just broke my heart. I could picture this girl and feel her pain.

    Her story is told in most corners of the world
    so true, no matter what part of the world you are in, the plight of these children is all the same

  3. A tear, in my right eye now one in my left, the tears keep flowing as I would never come close to knowing the real pain the beggar girl bears

  4. When I was much younger I have experienced live on the streets first hand and was lucky to have found people that took me in and helped me to get back on my feet. There is a very different world out there even in one’s home town that most people never see. I also spent a short time in Brazil where I was shocked to see so many children working the streets begging. Your poem really touches a note, it’s beautiful but so sad, like the picture of these three beautiful girls with eyes that reveal a world of suffering. You have a rare gift to write sensitively without turning it into a clichΓ© where heartstrings are artificially strung. It’s real.

    1. I’ve got tears of joy running down my cheeks right now … thank you so much for your comment! This is the absolution of my writing.. to leave my reader with feeling and not just mere entertainment.

      Thank you once again…

  5. Reblogged this on Festival King and commented:

    I’m reblogging this piece in order to remind us to appreciate the lives we lead, and here’s a simple haiku to go with it:

    Not a beggar girl
    Not a woman of the streets
    Blessed beyond measure


  6. Yes, again I’ll say – one of the things I like best about your writing is you never drift into cheap sentimentality, trying to ‘pull hearts; but stay in the harsh reality. And you do the right thing by writing. It spreads the message..

  7. President Clinton sent my Army unit to Africa three times in the nineties for water/food and medicine missions in 1996-1998. I learn how some parts of our world is forgotten. It is sad when USA will spend 1.2 trillion on war and little on food/water and medicine missions that would create friendship and hope. The sad part of this poem. It is true. A million people will die of starvation in one month. This is a sad fact..

    1. What is even more sad is when the so called leaders of some of these starving nations are the reason for such…. poor governance aggravates these situations.

      I see it happening around me everyday

      1. The Army send me to place with food, water and a medical team. We create friendship. I will never understand how the leader’s of our world think threat and war is the way to peace. A open hand of friendship and a helping hand can do great things. I love your blog. I will come back later. I had to work too many days and hours. Trying to catch up on sleep and thoughts.

  8. The power of the written word to evoke such emotion… it amazes me new everyday. And I am inspired by the beautiful people of the world that God has gifted to tell their stories. Wonderfully done!

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