Dinner Gone Wrong

https://i0.wp.com/files.rakuten.de/baf90b53245b382f140168c15abcfb1e/images/754aff5f2eb41b1b49f68a704606da16.jpgDay broke as she sat  alone before  a set and yet untouched dinner table surrounded by  Burnt out scented candles. With blood shot eyes and a gloomy demeanor, benefits of tears from the night before, she proceeded to strip her surrounding of the  mood she had set for a would be romantic evening with “Baby” the night before… Too bad Baby didn’t make it home. Its not unusual, Baby is a hard worker and hardly makes it home most nights anyway, but at least this time he could have called!

This was one of their many tales of “Dinner gone wrong”, only in this case he had made the mistake of letting it play out on their anniversary, “the very first and the last of them” she thought to herself as she threw  their anniversary dinner in the trash.  She wonders how she has made it through a year with this giver of little or no time; How she even came to bear his name in the first place still partially remains a mystery to her! “Damn Las Vegas and their unholy rituals of matrimony! Damn drunkenness and debauchery and damn her staunch  catholic faith” she thought. Although  over the months she had come to love him as a husband the only true fact of their marriage was that in one night she and Baby had gone from being two best friends on a wild holiday, to man and wife.

Their “I dos'” had been said in a state of drunkenness and  stupor. Even in that moment of cleaning away she was unable to recollect what actually happened that night in Vegas,  sadly marriage only started for her when she  woke  with a deathly hangover to find a cheap-ass ring on her wedding finger.  It was only a year ago yesterday but the wedding band already looked a decade old! Gold had faded to copper, which now reacted with sweat on her finger leaving a green stain each time she removed it.

She pauses and looks down at the piece of bondage fitted snugly on her hand.  Suddenly ripping it off, she gives off a scream that sounds almost like the  whistle of an old model train. “BABY MY ASS!” she bellows… The pad is almost back to normal now, but in her rage she turns a room previously set for romance and presently near tidy into a den for venting off her frustration. She breaks and tears and pulls and throws aside.

Barging into their bedroom she grabs Baby’s shoes, his clothes and whatever else of his she can find; as many as she can carry at a time. Out the door, into the front yard and on the paved floor they go!  Her sanity seems to return with the last of his things out the door. Standing at the foot of the entrance she stares down at the mess she had made of Baby’s things and lets out a sigh of satisfaction, “that will teach him!” she murmurs. Now calm, she finds that she and her house have been the object of attention to anyone who cared to notice… MANY noticed! She also realised that she was not exactly in the proper attire to be seen by her unsuspecting audience. The brand new baby doll lingerie  was meant for Baby’s eyes only. Giving a weak smile at anyone whose eyes met with hers, she calmly backs into the house, but just as she shuts the door a car pulls into the drive way running over a leg of a pair of pure leather Gucci shoes, Baby’s of course.

Almost stumbling she  hurriedly made it out the door; not caring this time who saw, she advanced to witness the look of horror on Baby’s face only to be filled with a horror of her own. By the car stood Baby with a bouquet of  flowers in hand and buried within, a box with a wedding ring more grand. Apparently Baby had played a prank that ended up going south on him.

Although little could be remembered of her wedding day, what she seemed to forget was the date, the 1st of April. This would be her undoing. Baby had managed to mess with the dates and her mind the day before and in her carelessness  she too had lived through their wedding anniversary a day too soon….  Oops! 😉

It was definitely one of their many tales of “Dinner gone wrong”, but perhaps the worst ever…



28 comments on “Dinner Gone Wrong

  1. I would say it is a lovely story, carried a note of suspense and tiny bit of drama, well written, quite illustrative and very expressive.
    the reader is actually carried along and has a near sense of imagination of the story being played out.

  2. I read this story on Saturday using my phone and when I tried to comment my internet just shut down. It’s not the first time though. It seems I can’t comment on any blog using my phone. I really loved the story, I didn’t see the 1 April coming at all! When is your book coming out again? 🙂

  3. The suspense and the ridiculing of my emotions…the empathy I initially had for the character…..her ‘justified’ anger when put in context with modern realities…then the whole plot unfolded….the twist…the turns…and the….Upe this is W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L! I’m totally hooked to this your blog…Kudos girl!

    • Publishing? well that’s a wonderful thought but I think I’d have to work on my self confidence as a writer a whole lot more before taking that step 😀

      Thanks for the comment though 🙂

      Cheers! 😉

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