My Lady Onion

Bundle of complication,
 Passionate; Rich in flavor,
 I could swear you be Cancerian by your mystifying behavior.
You are many layers; one core,
 Peeling at you leaves me sore,
 Wanting you is torture but the treasure of your spice I cannot ignore.
Lady, wild and free,
 Let me tend to you in my garden without fee,
 Let me have you for my own and savor your gifts, I alone.
O Common and yet Rare ingredient in my course of life,
 I long to keep you and have you for my wife.
 So in tears I'll patiently strip away to your center;

 Knocking on the portal to your heart till you 'gree me enter.
 And though you may be complex and sting for a time,
 I know Lady Onion, someday you'll be mine...
Β©2011 Festivalking 

Hahaha! πŸ˜€

Just had fun with this, but I guess you can tell by now that if I was a guy I’d either be very unromantic or maybe just love food more than my woman …. :D….Nice day!!! πŸ˜‰


21 comments on “My Lady Onion

  1. It always amazing the kind of gift locked within an individual,until they unlock it a give us the priviledge to enjoy by sharing,we might never know!!! Today am thankful that you were able to express ur talents.beautiful piece

  2. oh she makes me cry the deeper i get…smiles….delicious…love me some onion, sauteed or as an addition and i like the thought of the onion as a woman as well…some times the sting is well worth it…ha…enjoyed your piece…

    and linked you in as well…you had said you were and then i did not see i came to find it…

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