Dear Aunty Illa…..

I’m not sad you are gone, for it is certain all souls must move on… and I know to The Light you have returned.

I only wish you had said good-bye… To leave me so unprepared,  Aunty Illa Why? 😦

… But it was your time therefore I will not cry. The Lord knows best; Only He holds the answer to these questions of mine. To make sense of your untimely exit, I will not try.

I sit here thinking up a sad song to remember you by, but the words I hear are all so sweet; Trying to be all sorrowful and make myself cry, but remembering who you were only keeps me grinning from ear to ear 🙂

I will not mourn you, as I am reminded that of this life we are only passers through, but I will celebrate you for being a Gem we all had to lose.

So journey well fair traveler as you move on to higher heights, and do send my love to others dearly departed when you step into The Light.

Love Always


😐 xxx

By festivalking Posted in Poems

19 comments on “Dear Aunty Illa…..

  1. Upe dear, You couldn’t have captured it ANY BETTER! Gosh! Sometimes events make us wonder so much…..this is a classic case. It hit home, so close, quietly, yet so loudly…it keeps resonating in my head on and on and on….I try to pretend it is not true… RIP dear Aunty Illa.

  2. The picture of your Aunt looks like she is walking in the Light. . .so beautiful. I loved how you were wanting a sad song, but had to keep smiling when you thought of her. 🙂 God bless you and hold you tight!

  3. So sorry about your loss dear! You couldn’t have said it better. The smile of your aunt is captivating no wonder beautiful thoughts is all you can think about her. Wishing her a peaceful sail to God’s kingdom as she rests in the father’s bosom. Farewell!

  4. That was really heartfelt, lovely. That’s the thing about the digital age – you can put this out there. My mum suicided when I was six – I would have felt SO much better to type some words into a computer (or have someone type for me) and say “to Mum” and believe they reached her, through cyberspace. It’s great you said this – a lovely tribute.

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