Cold Eyes

Eyes cold as they stare into space,
Cloaked in pain a shattered heart,
Memories of what were and broken possibilities,
Reminiscence of sweet words of a former love,
….The harshest blow rendered is “goodbye”.

Eyes cold as they stare…
Heart, heavy; Mind, lost in torturous thought.

“He is gone; he is somewhere but nowhere I can reach.
Perhaps another takes my stead… someone, something or some place?
For whatever reason the prize is mine no-longer…”

Without tears, …2 eyes, cold and staring into space,
They seek to draw Eureka from thin air,
will cognizance of what went wrong and who was at fault bring them rest?
It changes nothing! a heart is broken and a whole is still made half.

I pray you cold eyes cease from the nothingness of space
and set your sight on beauties unknown…
Assuredly, no solace will you ever find as you stare away,
Let go the gloom in your past and look to the future in technicolor…

©2012 Festivalking

HEART BREAK!!!One of the many hazards of romantic love.
Been there! Grieved! …and still I rise 😉
If you are a romantic like myself then there’s a probability that you will one day (or may have already) become a victim, but always remember that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger… and that He/She is the loser for walking away and not appreciating the gem in you 😉

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