An ode to Crude

Rich filth,… that from which nations amass wealth
Your existence, a fuel to the beasts of men.
From you births the many substances that drives the nations
Father to momentous wars and mother natures ebb and destruction.
Refined and used, you belch abuse into Gaya‘s atmosphere,
… yet we would seek you out and bring forth your flare to air from land and sea.
O woe is man for drawing earth‘s black blood and making of it a demigod.
They kill, steal and lie only to have control over the land from which you are bred.
Energy from the relics,
Power and Poison …,
A wicked jewel that I would rather name the devil’s piss,
I pray our addiction will not rest with you forever!
But until pigs fly I for Gaya will shed my tears, as man’s lust for you is unending…
For what are we without our fill of “Texas tea“?
Β©2012 Festivalking

26 comments on “An ode to Crude

      • I’m good. Just returned last night from my little adventure. I didn’t even go home to sleep and came to the office at 2am and started working. I miss the tropical weather and didn’t want to come back to freezing Michigan πŸ™‚
        I think I’ll post a few pics later.

  1. Once again FK, you got the clinker spot on with the “Devil’s Piss” description, what justifiable good could possibly come out of ‘his’ piss anyway, with men’s souls sold out long ago? Lol. Good work & ride on gurl!

  2. Nice one Festival King, your use of similies and analogy is ..WOW. “The Beats of Men” ,”Belch abuse into Gaya’s atmosphere. I take off my hat to you…ok I’m not weaing a hat but you ..well.Bravo .

  3. you outdid yourself on this one, I connected with every single line, still amazed at your sense of metaphors, brilliant, never would have thought “black Gold” would be properly defined and classified in such few lines. My best phrase there is “Until Pigs fly I for Gaya would shed my tears”. Impressive Upsyjaja keep it up.

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