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A wonderful portrayal of Persephone….


Day 23 saw napowrimo challenge us to write an ekphrastic poem — that is, they tell us, ‘a poem that responds to or is otherwise inspired by a work of art’. Probably the most famous ekphrastic poem in English is Keats’ Ode on a Grecian Urn, but, say napowrimo, ‘there is no lack of modern ekphrastic work’.  Examples include, Auden’s Musee de Beaux Arts and Robert Lowell’s For the Union Dead.  Napowrimo invited us to ‘… go forth and find a painting, sculpture, photograph, or even a piece of music, and use it to inform your poem for today’.

Forever fascinated by the pre-raphaelites, the painting shown below is said to be of Persephone – I asked in the original blog if anyone could remind me of the painter and the title of the picture – the  lovely Ann Fox said ‘I think your painting is My Sweet…

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