The African “She”

(from the World Wide Web)

Chocolate, porcelain skinned sister,
daughter to the African earth
Nappy haired diva,
I pray She knows her worth

Embodiment of Soul and Spirit,
queen, commoner, slave-girl alike
Her brownness is “AFRICA” whether bound or free,
She bears Kush’s culture; Nubia’s history

She is a cluster of many shades,
Copper, Coco and Coffee; Chocolatey-milk and Ebony
No matter where her birth, She remains Africa’s trophy

She bears the “Dark Continent” in her womb wherever She may be,
Those child bearing hips of hers are Mother Africa’s Eternity.

©2012 Festivalking

9 comments on “The African “She”

  1. Beautifully written!
    Aside from all of the power felt in this writing, I’m also imagining improved rainbow shades, or a box of elegant delicious chocolates of coco coffee etc 🙂

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