Her Morning Elegance


Its morning, She rises up same time as every other day, and with a wide smile on her face she stretches and gives out  a “GOOD MORNING!” This of course does not go down too well with her partner who irritably grabs the pillow from her side of the bed and hurriedly places it over his head as he buries his face in the one beneath him. He absolutely hated those “Good Morning” moments.

Despite the fact that he has become accustom to the episode each time she wakes beside him, i.e. Her going off like a village rooster, the insecure bloke is more upset and resentful of the way she sounds each time she  gives the customary salutation. Its comes out with this rapturous burst of energy… “How come I never make you sound that way at night?” he says unable to conceal his envy any longer. “Excuse me!” She replies as she turns in surprise, unsure of the muffled words that have come from within the pillows. With his face off the pillow this time he repeats his question, but unable to look her in the eyes as he does. “How come I never make you sound that way at night?” After a few seconds of shocking silence she lifts herself from the other side of the bed where she’s seated; In his baggy “Tees” she laughingly jumps on the back of her sulking lover. “You are such a child” she says as she plays with his ear lobes.

Seductively she lays on his bare back and whispers:

“Why feel spite for the morning, is she not good? Why vex as I salute day’s dawning? It is only with gratitude…

Do not compare my heightened sound of day to my lowly moans of night, when your hands, your lips, your skin upon me fill me with delight.  

You desire screams as our bodies entwine and I reel in orgasmic pleasure? Well forgive me as the words lay caught in my throat while the moment I treasure.

Be not jealous of the morning and the excitement she brings me, but bless her as she gives way to the evening, and into the night once again we will be”

“This is some real Shakespearean ish” he says to himself as she nibbles on his right ear lobe and with her fingers plays with the hair on his naked back…. But hey, it worked! His supremacy over the morning is finally restored! He turns, and taking her in his arms plants a long kiss on her lips and with a look of mischief in his eyes he says “well the morning can have your screaming salutations, I on the other hand can make you moan whenever the hell I want!” She giggles as they kiss.

….. And morning becomes night 😉






11 comments on “Her Morning Elegance

  1. Wow.. <3<3 Love Struck.. very lovely peice.. "Title: Morning gives way for love making night" or "Title: Whispering light and quiet dark" 😀

  2. enjoyed reading this and came up with a few titles, but this sounds k, “exhilarating quiet nights, births an early songbird”

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