@29 by Seun Aduwo

Would I stay this way, 
Pain in my heart, 
Slouch in my sway,
Praying for yet another dame?
My being long’s for another;
Completion its goal,
A partner to bother,
Yet put smiles into her soul.
I run the world
In search of my rib
someone to call my love,
For her I make this trip.
Single I still am
Fickle in my choice
Her dimples a plus
Humming to be or not to be... 

by: Seun Aduwo 
Yet another talented friend, people! Say hello to Seun Aduwo who unlike my previous Guest Damian Sinton, is not afraid to give his true identity 😀
I’m sure some of you are wondering “where on earth is all the female talent?!” but not to worry, I’ll have girl power in the house PRETTY soon! 😉 (lol!)
Till next time…  🙂
Cheers! 😉

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