The words of a foreign body

She’s crying again, her vibrating sobs seem to echo through. There’s talk  about doctors and pills and how time seems to be running out. I can feel the build up of tension as it invades my space, voices raise as the conversation reaches its climax and then something slams shut. We are alone again, she, drowning in her tears and I, left to feeling every bit of her pain.

Its quiet, there’s little movement and shes breathing calmly now… She’s asleep I believe. This is the only time I get to exist without her negative air trying to choke the peace out of me… Its been like this for a few days now, up until then  she had been a much jollier person.  I have experienced her many emotions during the course of my existence but this feeling of hurt had never been so intense till she found out about me. Often times I wonder if I am the reason for her tears, shouldn’t I be here? ….Maybe if I keep still long enough she will forget that I’m here and things will return to normal, but I doubt that will work, it would only make me even more uncomfortable.

She wakes and I don’t feel that intense sadness anymore, it seems to have been replaced by this unexplainable calm while she slept.  I’m not sure I like this sensation… there’s this feeling of disconnect, almost as though she’s keeping her true feelings from me and I’m left all alone in this weightless wonderland. I hear her voice as she speaks to an unheard other, the word “doctor” comes up again and an appointment has just been set for tomorrow… If only I could go back to the first 3 moons of my existence when it was all about food and swimming, she felt happier and so did I… Now all I may ever know is her feeling of regret and my feeling of rejection…

“There is nothing in the whole world so painful as feeling that one is not liked. It always seems to me that people who hate me must be suffering from some kind of lunacy.” – Sei Shonagon

6 comments on “The words of a foreign body

  1. hmm. lovely piece, kinda vague yet leaves a vivid picture of the pain being felt, dunno if am right, but I got the feeling from the second paragraph, that this piece was about a child in the fetus, and his/her feelings towards the mum as she lives her daily life. brilliant!

  2. ‘her feeling of regret and my feelings of rejection..” and the quote you chose… have an unerring ability to hit me with very strongly emotional moments about humanity, or relationships. I wish they weren’t so relevant to me! But if they are, and they are, then they surely are to other readers at least as much. Yes yes, you have the creativity and all that (he waves his arm half half dismissively) but what makes your writing special is you have the psychological and philosophical knowledge, natural or not, from the haiku about ”bittersweet” to the man who wants to stay faithful while staying a man, to the passage above. You also reach for the gut often by the way, and open your own pain…very brave. To me this is a Czech tradition of literature….its always powerful. Thanks friend of mine..

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