Those Five Little Words… No, Six!


 I thought the human race being the intelligent creatures we are, usually invent and come up with the easiest and shortest ways around  situations!? We got tired of candles, someone invented the light bulb; We got tired of walking, people started coming up with all modes of transportation. In the new age of texting we’ve come up with slangs such as “brb” , “ttyl” and “lol” just so we don’t have to go through the rigors of bogus words and sentences (yawning lazily); Microchips have shrunken to the Nano and so on…. So how is it that a simple 3 word sentence like “I love you” gets to be stretched out to one of 5 or 6 words instead? Well I have a theory…

The Player of the Middle Ages

It turns out that the phrase “fall in love” is  connected to the idea of “falling head over heels,” which was used in the 1300s, and is another term for being struck suddenly by great romantic attraction to someone else. (Excerpt from

The key phrase here is “Romantic attraction” people. What is that?! You either love the person or you don’t! Or why not just say “I’m romantically attracted to you”, and quit confusing people? Its all based on chemicals I tell you!

Okay back to the subject matter… my theory of the origin of this appalling modification.

Well there is no easy way for me to say this but if this sentence can actually be linked back to the 1300s then I believe it was coined up by some womanizing Knight, for some unfortunate fair maiden. No, scratch that! More a Troubadour than a Knight…. or maybe he was both.

In his bid to woo this fair lady he will do all he can to win her affection but his honor will not allow him speak those  3 sacred words in deceit. It would be sacrilege! (…maybe he’s a Knight after all)

There’s the option of him saying “I lust you”, but then in an era of chivalry such as his, he has no intention of devaluing the virtue of his one night stand, not verbally anyway. He writes her shams of love letters and poetry telling her how beautiful she is; How the shape of her eyes reminds him of stars and all that jazz, but the player still doesn’t score. This maiden is a hard nut to crack, a challenge, but he will not back down! (…definitely a Knight!)

The situation calls for drastic measures. He now realises how desperately he has to incorporate the sacred words into his libretto or else risk losing out on this conquest. A bulb lights up in his head. Eureka!

(The Victorian Player)

Down on one knee; her hand in his, he speaks the words ….”I am in Love with You”.


The maiden is flustered. She takes the bate all because somewhere in that sentence she hears I, Love and You. Its a happy day for both parties. She goes away feeling that she has the heart of a man now and he goes away with the experience of them doing the nasty somewhere in the woods or perhaps even in a barn.

They probably meet the next day and he pretends like nothing has transpired between them, and when she asks about his words of love he then repeats his statement s-l-o-w-l-y, adding that it was actually a declaration of his “Burning desire”. She really can’t argue with his defense so I’m guessing she ends up throwing herself off a bridge or something… And so birthed the era of damage and heartbreak all because of 5, no, 6 little words. The invention of this lengthier statement has however aided a cult of people since then. Till this very day, in the wrong hands it is one of the most valued weapons used in hurting the vulnerable heart.

Casanova may have got all the credit for being the god father of womanizers but trust me, the faceless individual with the gumption to come up with a sentence so strong, so passionate, so intense would definitely have bagged a whole lot more chicks than dear  Giacomo.

But I think I would have done it even better… Why waste time thinking up new sentences when all you need do is say “I LOVE YOU”, fingers crossed?


“Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart, or burn down your house, you can never tell.”

-Joan Crawford


19 comments on “Those Five Little Words… No, Six!

  1. Interesting story! Things have so changed these days though. How much honour do we have left? Men can still use the original three words in deceit, until they get whatever they want. Well, let’s just get genuine and mean our words. Nice post!

    • I totally agree. Its sad how far man kind has come in this regard. Thank God for True Love. And by that I mean His Love.
      Thanks for stopping by!
      By the way, was it your birthday yesterday? I kept getting notifications of your posts but I never got the time to read them. Well If so then HBD!!! and wishing you LLNP!!! :D…. Will be come by later today for a good read!
      Cheers! 🙂

  2. We must get beyond the idea of feeling love (though I am all for that too) but real love is an act – doing everything in your power to bring about the best for the object of your love. Boy that would change dating and marriage – wouldn’t it?


    • I know what you mean 😀 … We need to tap into the Philia and Agape Love to really express the true meaning in relationships. If we did that, perhaps we’d hear less stories of heartbreak, break-ups and divorces.
      … But yeah, less of Eros would seem boring… Haha!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Cheers! 🙂

  3. Awesome writing FK and it had me thinking a lot 🙂
    Love and lust, uhhh. One thing I think I concluded in deep thought about what real love is. I think it is giving from the heart with no expectation and the perfect scenario of course would be 2 doing that with each other.
    The ones to really watch out for are the ones that say “I love you unconditionally!” They sometimes have the most conditions. Wow, what powerful words to be throwing around carelessly. Humans….
    Take care and have a great weekend!

    • Wow! I never thought my late night ramble would reel in such deep comments! Thank you for adding to the list Scott and for sharing your insight on the matter of love 🙂

      • Your rambles are intriguing and always well worth the reading. I’m only a student with very little insight and I’m always learning. 🙂 Hope you catch up on sleep soon!

  4. I have to disagree with you on this one sweetie, “I love you” to me carries less meaning than “I am in love with you”, far less. Granted the word “Love” gets tossed around a lot in this day and age and means absolutely nothing to the lot but if you analyze both statements in their entirety you’d see my logic. “I love you” when used honestly and correctly is a very strong, declarative statement but in a way its very encompassing, “I love you”, “I love this song”, “I love cute little dogs”, and not quite as acceptive (I think I just made that word up) as “I am in love with you” which evokes feelings of a deeper, stronger connection, as in I don’t just love you as a whole but your love pervades and invades every part of me as I do the same to you, the thought of being “in something” means you are one and this love that holds and joins us is totally accepting of all our flaws and imperfections yet is the same thing that brings out the best in us, so I just don’t want to love you for now and who you are but to be in love with you so when we do change (as is the only constant) we carry that love along and it changes with us, growing, expanding with us as we become more ergo it becomes more. The idea of loving someone seems fleeting as opposed to the promise of being in love with someone, because you can love without being in love but you can’t be in love without first loving.

    That’s definitely more than 2 cents, lol, but I believe it so to me it’s priceless :).

    • Deep! 🙂

      I feel like I stepped on your tail on this one 😀 … Dude! This post was made on a sleepless night and in a bit of jest. (Lol!)

      I’m no expert on the issue of love, but I just think that the existence of derivatives only leaves room for arguments. Observe:
      I love u, but I’m not just in-love with u anymore; We’ve fallen out of love with each other”.
      This only buttresses my point when I said “its all based on chemicals”. Its almost as though being in-love has a shelf life, a date of expiration whereas love is constant. It goes beyond the feelings of the heart (assuming its even from there in the first place).

      But as I said before my dear friend, I’m no expert… I guess none of us really are, but this is my 2 cents on the issue 😉

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing the post, you made some good points in the points. A lot of people do throw around the word Love like its nothing. We have to know the difference between love and lust. Don’t let that sweet talk for you. Hope all is well on your end. God Bless 🙂

  6. Ok Festival King,i’m chemically and aesthetically attracted to you(commence cheesy Garfield grin), 😀 .

    I dunno why people throw the word “I love you” around. I’m very careful about how i say it, even to girls i’ve been EXTREMELY attracted to. Whether it’s I LOVE YOU or IM IN LOVE WITH YOU.

    Maybe it’s the writer in me that goes CSI on every sentence and over analyses . But to me LOVE is a very strong word either way. I do agree a large majority of people really mean I LUST YOU , when they say I LOVE YOU. Some don’t even realize that they are confusing lust/infatuation for love. And with Hollywood and RomComs programming us, these days most people can’t tell the difference.

    These days I LOVE YOU = “Let’s get the words out of the way and shag”

    Sad huh. Well im old fashioned , and call it prude if u like (i disgress) But True Love waits.

  7. You DO know your knights too well…this is dangerous!…Even if we no longer carry our swords, daggers or spears..(though we like to think we do) you KNOW we still exist! Heehee…..

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