This Queen ain’t havin’it!

Leave her earrings on the bed
they’ve already been seen
don’t even try to justify,
I’ll only kick and scream!

Yo hungry ass is full of grass
this shit you talk ain’t gon’pass
So pack yo bags at least for tonight,
stay another moment, and you’re in for a fight!

How dare you tell me this ain’t right?!
I’m not the one screwing a ho with slippery fingers!
confusing ma home for hers
using ma bed as a dresser!

O ‘n’ this AIN’T the first time I seen!
she knows I know, coz lately she left me her VS-panties
Its the silence she cain’t stand
wanting me to come FIGHT for ma man!

But see, what she don’t understand is
a Queen ALWAYSΒ  knows where she stands
I am the madam; she is the maid
I get home to love and respect; her scanky ass gets laid!

So run along to yo little girlfrien’
and feel free to tell’er all I said
and when the shit you’ve pulled, you realize
THEN crawl on back home and apologize!


9 comments on “This Queen ain’t havin’it!

  1. @FK, I will re-echo Debbie’s word…FIESTY! But the ” crawl on back home and apologise!” part…uuuuummmmm… many times should ‘he’ do that before ‘blow ur top’? Lol! Interesting piece though!

    • lol! Yes yes yes, there is that possibility that a man will continuously cheat and if that should be the case, then I guess a QUEEN would know better than to keep him around… I’d kick him to the curb πŸ˜€

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