I’ve got a new Blog!!!! …. “What My Preacher Taught Me”

Hi people! 🙂

I’m writing to introduce a new blog of mine. Its called  “What My Preacher Taught Me

For a while now I have been making notes of  Sunday sermons from my church, which I have either been able to attend or listen in on. Up until yesterday I had sent some of these notes to friends after church, through texts and other forms of messengers.

Today however, I decided “why not just create a site where you can post these wonderful teachings, in order to bless the minds of not just the familiar but the unfamiliar alike?”. So here it is! I pray that you will be spiritually moved in some small way by these abstracts of mine, courtesy of sermons from Daystar Christian Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

PS- This blog was inspired by fellow bloggers such as Deb Feller, Paulette’s Blog  and Ben Nelson who have knowingly or unknowingly challenged me to becoming a tool in the hands of THE ONE whom I serve, not just in my being but with the little talent I possess.

I thank God for this blog; I thank Him for you all and I pray that this post makes Him smile just a little wider 😀

Thanks for reading and please feel free to stop by at “What My Preacher Taught Me  🙂

Blessed week! 🙂

(O yeah! PLEASE give me till the end of the week! I should have my previous notes up by then, and from there the journey continues with other Sundays to come… God willing)


8 comments on “I’ve got a new Blog!!!! …. “What My Preacher Taught Me”

  1. Awesome idea fk! You know I have to follow you everywhere you write! 😀
    I’ve been thinking in how I need to give more time to such studies and dedication as well and your blog will be a good part of that. Going there now….

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