A Fela Kuti Inspired Word To The Leaders

Authority stealing expensive shit
Colonial Mentality breeding Mr. Follow Follow

Opposite people, power show
Shakara plus no agreement equals Go slow

Leaders, quit the Roforofo Fight!
The sorrow, tears and blood!

We don’t need another Army arrangement
or to become beasts of no nation… unless…

Hi guys! πŸ™‚

I just wrote a cento thanks to Samuel Peralta over at dVerse.

A cento is a poem composed entirely of lines emanating from other sources. The sources for the cento may come from many authors – a line each from different poets, the titles of different novels, quotations from different politicians.

For my piece I chose titles of songs by the great Fela Kuti and made of it … well you decide πŸ™‚ … I just hope I made the Abami Eda proud though πŸ˜‰

(For Titles of Fela’s Songs please click on the link—-> FELA KUTI LYRICS)

… Continue to rest in Peace Fela!

WOW! it just occurred to me that we bear the same initials! F.K! How coolΒ  is that?! πŸ˜€


35 comments on “A Fela Kuti Inspired Word To The Leaders

  1. Nicely woven, and such a great introduction to the works of Fela Kuti, who I now have to find out more about… that’s one of the positive ‘side effects’ of the cento, that you direct people to the authors of the source material.

  2. Wow! FK, wonderful components well put together delivering a very strong message! Kudos ye again on this Cento.
    PS: Thsnks for the definition dear, how would I have eve known what conjugation u did there. Mmmuuuaaahhhh!

  3. Cento ………………….hmmm dts a new word for me as well. Fela was truly a Legend sometimes i wonder how Nigeria would be if he was still alive thats some who spoke the truth no matter what. We all need a little bit of fela inside of us al. Loved it upsy.

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