Our Meat by Odebala Irene Ese

On an empty stomach they expect us to smile
We open all thirty two like zombies
They throw crumbs at us from our own pot and we smile
Just for that moment all our troubles seem ages away
Then we realize we are hungry again
We run to them, they laugh at us
They dangle our meat before own eyes
Our eyeballs enlarge with greed
Our mouth water with expectation for that sweet taste
Our Adams apple gurgle

They tell us how they want the game played
We nod our heads like agama lizards
Ready to seal the deal with the blood of our unborn children
Just so they can give us a piece of our own meat
From our own pot
They tease us some more, dangling our meat before our eyes
Our eyeballs enlarge
They ask us to curse our fathers
We curse and even denounced them
So they know how serious we are
Just to get a piece of our meat from our own pot

They cut off our manhood, we are flat down there
We go about like an old feeble woman
A tired feeble woman
They ask us to give them our daughters
We oblige, happy that they found our daughters worthy
They dangle our own meat in front of us
And toss it at us, we eat it greedily
Not thinking about tomorrow
When the mirage is swallowed up
And everywhere is clear
We realize too late, we’ve eaten
Our future, there is nothing left for tomorrow.

By: Odebala Irene Ese

Meet Odebala Irene Ese!

TV content developer and screen writer here in Nigeria.

A wonderfully powerful political piece she wrote wouldn’t you say… It makes you think doesn’t it? 😐 … I received this poem a couple of days ago, but I decided to post it today, which marks the 52nd year of my dear country’s Independence.

I LOVE Nigeria with all my heart, but at some-point we her citizens with one voice, need to ask our leaders where THE HECK they are taking us! … AM I TALKING TO SOMEBODY???… 😐


Till next time pips! πŸ˜‰


4 comments on “Our Meat by Odebala Irene Ese

  1. I was recently in Ghana, and this poem makes me think of the gold mining there (all foreign owned companies). Happy Independence Day you to!

Thanks for stopping by!!! Feel free to tell me how you feel about this piece :)

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