Today on dVerse, Anna Montgomery is taking us through the art of contemporary poetry. When I wrote “Red” earlier on in the year I thought it was just out right weird, but after reading her article I understand this piece even more.

Happy reading and please meet up with Anna at for an education on Contemporary Poetry


Festival King

I’m not sure it makes sense anymore, how could it come to this?…. Maybe I should have seen it from the get go but all I saw was “Red”…

I fell in love with beauty I had never known. Vibrant, Sexy, Intelligent, Creative… A perfect gift of Cupid’s to me. She would be my gem and fortune, and she was. We gave into each other absolutely;  the perfect couple… Everything was “Red”, but time is a wicked thing…. With it that vibrant color begins to wear and a faded texture I see.

Cupid’s gift gradually morphs into a fiendish curse. Aggression and anger is its gift to us. She, still my rare beauty, I look at her and the devil wears Prada comes to mind. My “Red” beautiful, powerful and yet vain flower.

Quarrels over the slightest matters ensue… Initially welcome, as passionate acts of reconciliation fuel “bittersweet” to a…

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8 comments on “Red

  1. First the photograph is crazy awesome. Second, time maybe wicked, but I’m sure the moments you spent with her were worth it. Third this is great poem. Thanks for sharing.

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