BOX by Dan Robert

Prologue- Remember?

Hold my hand please.

The rain doesn’t feel like rain anymore. It feels like…

Hold my hand.

When I moved, it moved; it swayed this way and that just like the car in that crash. Remember the car crash? The rain poured, and we watched, and the car came, and we watched, and the car swayed this way and that, and we watched. Remember the car crash?

Hold my..

I really want to, but what if it sees us. It thinks its had us, finished us for good. When I moved, it moved; it shifted this way and that. Why don’t we remain like this, shut our eyes and think thoughts? Don’t think about the car crash, think other thoughts. Close your eyes. Remember last spring when you..


You were exceptionally pretty that spring, Anastasia. And we went to the lake. Remember? We sat on that large rock. You named the rock Sir Wobbles because you believed it wobbled whenever you weren’t paying attention. I kept telling you I couldn’t feel it wobble. We had to agree you were imagining things. Just like you to think your imagination could move a rock. I never told you this: Sir Wobbles actually shook. I planned on telling you but I must have forgotten. Remember when the rain came and we rushed into the tiny shed and lit the stove? You looked beautiful in that light, Anastasia. Remember? Remember, Anastasia?




Meet Dan Robert,
Dan Robert
Apparently a pseudonym but none the less the character in question, real. 🙂 The piece you just read is an abstract from a writing project of his.
Get to know more about Dan Robert at by clicking on his photograph, and for more from his book “BOX”, kindly click on the picture above.
Comments, Suggestions, Critique will ALL be appreciated… but lets keep it healthy shall we people ;)… and for updates on how the story progresses you can like his Facebook Page (link: Dan Robert)
I can’t wait for the book to be finished!… I get the first, OK the 2nd published copy and an autograph… Right Dan?! 😐
Well until next time folks 🙂Cheers! 😉

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