Dark reflections…

A kiss did strike the final blow
too strong? too soon? or was it too slow?

young love ripped to shreds, tip toe to head
Goodbye said; a harsh reality unspared

The heart lay broken, past is now token
From sulfur and brimstone, a demon awoken

The past is past, the future grim
To care is failure, to love is sin

By what  horrid thing is love replaced
A hollow soul, black and unchaste

A faceless no one birthed this war
With gross deceit  the hymen tore

The phantom, sits in reminiscence
“Belief in love turns me to this…”

O what dark reflections love dost bring…

(Googled Sketch!)


10 comments on “Dark reflections…

  1. I’m just hanging around your blog here and there for a while, reading – and really experiencing. There is some wonderful wordsmithery going on here. Some is haunting, some bitter, some soft, some makes me grin – like a salad of many tastes!

  2. but love conquers, know matter how grueling the battle, though the pit the vast, I’ll yet bring my inner glow………………..I love this piece. i kinda have sad ones too..

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