Fighting his way back home to you…

6.30 in the P.M and just got off the grinder. Peak period for traffic so I’m killing time at the bar round the corner from my office. Its a day like any. I’m tired. I’ve got my sleeves rolled up and my tie undone and I’m sipping on a LARGE glass of larger. I’m having a mental conversation with myself about the happenings of the day when I spot this fine a.. sister about to leave the room. Conversation between me and my mind quickly switches from stories of a hard days work to descriptions of  the vision of absolute sin standing before us.

Now I had hoped she’d do me a favour by just walking past and never looking back. That would have saved me the mental and emotional effort that came with fighting the welling temptation now steering up inside of me, but she didn’t. The siren took my breathe away from the moment my eyes left her backside and unconsciously met with hers pair of … not sure how to describe those eyes of hers. Yes, she noticed me too, but how on earth was I suppose to be glad about that?!

Surely if it was back in the day when a brother didn’t have a woman and the responsibility of a family… well you know the rest. Sadly, Christmas had only come TOO LATE. Damn that Santa Claus!, dishing out the coal all those years only to throw this wonderful gift of lust down my chimney now my hands are tied!

Eye contact must have been for a few seconds but in that time I felt like I had been sucked into eternity. All the should have, could have, would have’s flashed before my imaginative eyes and in that moment I had to muster every drop of will power  to pull myself out of those  pools of sweet seduction.

Self snapped back to reality, I look at my watch and then at my wedding ring while making a fist out of shear male frustration… breathing a sigh of what then seemed like disappointment I look back at her and she’s already got her back turned on me and is walking into the distance. Eyes back on her rolling ass again…  I sigh but this time sure that its in relief.

“A fine day its been so far” I tell my mind, resuming our conversation. “I dodged a bullet and still came out feeling like a sex A real man gives up one night stands for a woman he can't stand one night without.symbol ” 😉

Just thought I would appreciate what a lot of guys go through for the women they love. You are appreciated fellas! 😉

23 thoughts on “Fighting his way back home to you…

  1. I love the story. Very well written and pulled me into the moment. Just think though, if his woman was looking through the window watching all of this, she would not have congratulated him. She would have kicked down the door and started kicking his a.. just for all the looking 😛

  2. Ha! This woman knows her men, or man, but ”men’ meaning mankind! You know, a man must not look away when the woman walks by, its insulting, and no man wants to insult any woman. Its not a question of staring or glaring, but why make a woman feel cheap or worthless by looking away? A woman who understands men also loves her sisters.

  3. Omo, I’d say ur speaking aptly 4 a large number of faithful brothers out there… Sadly there aren’t a lot of faithful brothers out there. But ur story creatively captures the scenario a lot of us wld like to consider a great triumph over temptation. Perhaps more readings like this wld inspire us 2remain more disciplined. Nicely done. Kudos.

    1. Thanks Sabre 🙂

      I know what you mean and I will tell you that this story goes for the ladies as well when you think about it. Temptation dey EVERYWHERE these days my brother.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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