…to my Motherland (incl. Haiku #17)

She's growing older
  Her children growing colder
  Where did she go wrong?!

This Haiku was inspired by the recent killing of three University students in my country. According to the Nigerian Guardian (Outrage Trails Killing Of Three UNIPORT Students Over Alleged Theft) they where mercilessly beaten and burnt alive by the villagers of the community for allegedly stealing Blackberry mobile phones and laptops in an off-campus hostel of their institution. There was even a video  capture of the event that went viral (VERY GRUESOME STUFF! Please be warned!) …  its been sent to me a couple of times, but have refused to see it 😦

Taken off facebook.com

Came across this picture yesterday while on facebook and laughed at how frightened it made me at first glance; I laughed even more when I read its title “Uncle Carnage wants YOU!” but today it takes on a new meaning as I consider the gruesome act of jungle justice that has taken place within my country’s shores.

To My Motherland

Turn the Stars on his hat to Green and White  stripes and wonder if Uncle Carnage hasn’t already claimed  “US”

When did it become so bad 9ja?!

Dealing with the level of corruption and mayhem within your shores is bad enough …but THIS??!!

Yet I am still in love with your Green, White, Green!


20 comments on “…to my Motherland (incl. Haiku #17)

  1. very profound, this haiku and the story and video. I made the mistake of watching the video. Well, it’ wasn’t a mistake because it made it much more than a story at that point. hugs my friend

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  3. food for thot oh, carnage is on rampage in naija only God would deliver us though some Nigerians believe all hope is lost but am a strong believer in this country its ours and would forever be ours would fly the flag any day any where. My heart goes out to the families affected thank God one accuser has been caught. Justice must be served.

  4. I share the same pain with you festivalking.
    “She’s growing older. Her children growing colder. Where did she go wrong?”
    The sad happenings are disheartening, but we will not give up. I love my motherland too!

  5. So much violence in our world. Every life should be held as a seed to make the world a better place. I dislike to watch the news. Few stories of peace and happiness. Thank you for sharing the powerful blog and thoughts. Need more people of peace. Guns can’t bring peace. Water, food and medicine can open the door to forgiveness. Rich governments need to send gift of things needed. Not soldiers or men wanting profit only.

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