My road to enlightenment

A little wiser than yesterday

The room upstairs, initially a dull shade
but filled with many treasures
needing only a spark to brighten the space

A little wiser than yesterday

The chamber in my head brightens from a deem,
light emanating from a match
but I have my sights set on a blazing bush

A little wiser than yesterday

There’s  a progressive glow each day
as wisdom becomes watchword
and knowledge my banner

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness consciousCarl Jung

13 comments on “My road to enlightenment

  1. smiles…i like this one much…the wisdom growing and the glow growing each day as we learn a bit more…today more than yesterday…its a journey not a destination you know…

    sorry i have been remiss, subscribed now so i dont miss…

  2. I wish I knew methods to give thanks individually if I could call you back
    I would, you helped change my gaming existence.
    I now dont’ think We want to spend equally as much doing what I used to do, I could possibly be a bit more fashion aware or just confer with more girls yet still try to balance existence a bit.

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