Haiku #18- Prometheus


Titan, Trickster, Thief,
Daily disembowelment
Kissed by Zeus’s beak


11 comments on “Haiku #18- Prometheus

  1. Funny you’re writing this Haiku about Prometheus. I was just reading the story the other day in a book called “Women’s life in Greece and Rome”.

    In it it says that woman was given as punishment for Prometheus crime and is now the reason behind all the hardship on earth:

    “Before that the races of men had lived on the earth without evils and without harsh labour and cruel diseases which give men over to the Fates – for in evil times men grow old quickly. But the woman lifted in her hands the great lid from the jar and scattered these evils about – she devised miserable sorrows for men.” (Pandora, Boeotica, early 7th cent BC)

    Woman is given the blame again for all that is wrong.

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