A likely conversation in the Niger-Delta between Mother and Child

When do we go home mama?

Very soon my pikin (child)
once the rivers stops leaking
when the earth is done drinking
and our home is no longer  sinking


What about Papa, when is he coming back?

He’s long gone my love
and won’t be coming home,
swept away with all else we own,
He now lays buried in a watery tomb


Who are these people mama, are they my new family?

You might say that in a way
to all, the river has done damage
belongings and love ones, vanished,
And now families by design, we manage


When do we go home mama?

When the freak rains finally halt
and the rivers shut their vault
…Have patience child,
We’ll soon be okay


**** Inspired by the flood situation presently devastating communities within my Country (click for information—> RAGE OF NATURE: Flood ravages communities across Nigeria)

(Pictures provided by google)


24 comments on “A likely conversation in the Niger-Delta between Mother and Child

  1. Oh beautiful one . . .He has given you a gift to not only have compassion for others , but to raise awareness and compassion through your poems and words. God bless you and rescue these displaced by the flood.

  2. What a powerful piece, and powerful viewpoint – through the child’s innocent eyes. You always pull emotion out of me on your site, so much! One of the things I like best about your writing is it is devoid of sentimentalism – you let events, characters, facts and situations speak for themselves, without trying to make people think ”oh poor girl/people” etc. It makes what you say all the more sincere, powerful and truthful, even if there is pain in reading sometimes!

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