Nay not ever the same, seized
From Gaya’s bosom, snatched
As she slumbered, luminosity
And then a pause, theories of
Time dismissed as time becomes abyss.

Celestial captors poking-prodding, she
Much ado’s about nothing, mentally
Floating, dreamy sensations cold as death-hot
As hell, barely conscious she dreams of
Beaming lights, silhouettes of demons
Peering over her naked form, Fighting
her unconsciousness, a scared lab rat
Nibbling at its cage.

No recollection, yet the stimuli of
trial and error she suffers, faceless fiends
having their way with mortality, all
In the name of curiosity, casting
Aside mere sapiens at whim, returning
ThemΒ to theoretical reality, such is she
Chucked back into the ordinary without
Memory, yet she is nay, not ever the same….

Victoria is discussing Enjambment and Steampunkery onΒ dVerse PoetsΒ so I’ve written this “WEIRD PIECE” as an enjambment (I HOPE! πŸ˜€ … Not quite clear about this form just yet). I am very open toΒ healthyΒ criticism so please, don’t be a stranger πŸ™‚
Cheers! πŸ˜‰

40 comments on “ABDUCTION Fable

  1. Time dismissed as time becomes abyss….is a cool enjambment…and nice line…i errr hope i never get abducted, i hear the probes are ….well never the same i imagine you might be….ha…the scared lab rat nibbling at its cage is pretty cool touch as well…

  2. ” Chucked back into the ordinary without
    Memory, yet she is nay, not ever the same ”

    Whew, that is one strong conclusion here! Nicely enjambed poetry here.

  3. Oh my God! You did a good job with this piece. I’m not clear about what enjambment is either, but I’m sure clear that your piece is good. The words are deep and the imagery creates a vivid imagination. The foggy picture emphasises the mystery… This is sure some pure poetry at it’s peak! Welldone, Festival King. With more research and practice, the sky will be your springboard! πŸ™‚

  4. That line break between “-hot / as hell” is powerful, definitely working to move the reader along. Actually, the whole piece is one great read–great internal rhymes (such as “whim” and “Them” in the last stanza). I liked it!

  5. I would imagine,if this does really happen, (and I believe it does a woman must feel as if she has been raped or, at most sexually molested and yet, we are powerless to prevent it from happening too.
    This is a pretty good…wow..of a write! πŸ˜‰

  6. Yah, this is pretty cool and the picture says a lot. She is real but the time and abyss is the fable, another words she is okay but the lab rat, hmm. Marvelous. I can’t even pronounce the word for the prompt. Lol.

  7. Fantastic ‘capture’ as I was craving the release from the horror of abduction (alien, human, or of the mind, they are all terrors of liberty). Wonderful use of enjambment to heighten the tension. There were too many great phrases to pick out and your diction is pitch perfect!

  8. Ooooh, this is good. When I read it, I was sure you were responding to the steampunk part of the prompt because I felt a sense of the extraterrestrial in the abduction and Sci-Fi is often a feature of steampunk. On re-read I saw the enjambment that succeeded in racing me through to the end.

    • Well to each his own my friend. You hear a rap tune, to others its very real (and I respect that).

      For me I’m just glad y’all came over and left with some sort of feeling, even if it was comical as in your case πŸ˜‰


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