Colored by Strangers
 I am
 Jaded perception
 False conclusions
 All illusion
 All seeming
 Zero understanding
 Fools rush in...
 Creating abstracts
 Their interpretation
 of me.
Shades undefined
 Marred repertoire
 The unconventional-
 Predictability required-
They draw straws
 The shortest stick-
 I get the shortest stick
 Yet proud
 Being misunderstood
 Damn their judgment!
 I stand unique
 My true colors ethereal
 ...Here stands the TRUE Stranger

27 thoughts on “Misconstrued

  1. smiles…as long as you are true to yourself in the end that is best, right….too many let others color them…and i dont think we ever get away from it completely but….

    1. Very true. Our colors get jaded along the way in order for us to conform with society… the whole idea is just not to lose yourself in all the madness. People should not define YOU.

  2. Yes, the problem is there’ re quite many people who want to make others “alike them”, to fit their standards, to see them the way want to see. And not like you are and want to be perceived.
    Such a wonderful and powerful poem, Festivalking!

  3. ”The shortest stick” – No. Damn their judgement. Yes. We have a duty to never let judgements like that be considered, by fully acknowledging the past and ensuring our offspring learn about it. By humour, by music, by sports. My tone may seem odd, but I am just back from town where I met some traders from France selling French olives and soaps – had a great time among my brothers, laughing and joking about how people here are so quiet, and chatting about the French rugby team. My French brothers were born in French-speaking Africa. When I heard an idiot remark behind me how could an African speak French I lost it. Just lost it. What a stupid, ignorant, nasty, pathetic remark. Sorry festivalking. Nowhere to vent my feelings. People – young, not old, actually say..ok. I am stopping. Will walk in the forest a bit.

    1. Its alright. If it will help then please write as much as you desire. About those losers, forget them! There are so many in society (all unavoidable)… the best we can do is make sure those around us especially the younger generation don’t think so foolishly.

      Take that walk in the forest and leave your thoughts of those goons there okay.

      Cheers Capt’n!

  4. Thanks for the note back – I must have sounded naive. I’m not I hope. Did lose my childhood friend from Angola to murderers. The poem was a lovely moment, and stands on its own merit, not needing me to throw emotions around. I bow in apology.

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