Our words, not what it seems yet all they are
The many visions of…
Mountains melt to mole hills
Ink rivers, Paper moons
Uncharted universe, inspirations births
Peer through the windows of many a tortured soul
Dirty Harry made clean,
Long live a Black Queen
Alice in wonderland scenes
The many genres and emotions to spill
What ever does the soul hold next?
Those seamless bursts of expression
What ever next do we disposes “self” of ?
Anthems of the heart broken? Cry me a river
Philosopher, quote your Julia Caesar
Dare to bare the blackness of your soul
Bars come undone, new webs spun
The hideous/beauteous  creatures of thought, born
Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra taking the stage, we are
This world of ours we make the front page
Judge us if you dare but it is ours
Do your dance naked on the streets and do not care
Our paper moons still smiling,
Ink rivers never running dry…

Thanks to Anna Montgomery, at tonight’s dVerse prompt we are trying our hands on Postmodern poetry. Feel free to join in people 😉 … I feel like I’m back in literature class on this prompt! 😀

19 comments on “Poet

  1. Cry me a river
    Philosopher, quote your Julia Caesar
    Dare to bare the blackness of your soul
    Bars come undone….love that part…i feel the kick up of attitude in it…and love all the references in this…Dirty Harry, ha…ready to go dance naked in the streets…

  2. Wow, you hit the ground running with this prompt, I loved this. You weave the allusions with such intricacy and style, like Nina Simone’s gorgeous meld of classical and jazz, such depth and acuity!

  3. “we are this world of ours”–This makes me think of the (etymological) meaning of the word poem, “something created or made,” a creation. Very nice creation of what is in your soul!

  4. Love all the mentions of famous songs, people, singers. Very cleverly placed so that it all reads as a natural progression.
    Here’s to ink rivers never running dry, that would never do for poets such as you 🙂

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