Adventure in the dark- (dVerse Prompt)

Picture by Terry S. Amstutz. For more of his work please click on the picture

Claustrophobic fit
I make for the door
Craving the exit
Missing a step or more

Groping in the dark
Finally hitting the floor
I think “this will leave a mark”
My mind still focused on the door

Hands and knees introduced to the ground
I make my way towards the light
I look back on the adventure with a frown
The Exit my only respite

Bright lights up ahead so off the floor and towards the door I jet
My quick paces lacking caution thus back in the dirt I get 😦

Hi guys! Just made this sonnet up for the dVerse prompt : Poetics– photography by Terry S.Β Amstutz (I am so late πŸ˜› )… Experiencing a bit of a dry spell but I should make good pretty soon πŸ™‚

Much love to all …

Thanks for the prompt Claudia! πŸ˜€


16 comments on “Adventure in the dark- (dVerse Prompt)

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  2. smiles…i am glad you made it as well….that will leave a mark…ha…i got a few of those…but i def feel the desperation or angst to reach the door…sometimes hard to get to that exit and leave an adventure behind….

Thanks for stopping by!!! Feel free to tell me how you feel about this piece :)

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