Green light…

Green light comes on and its a “go”
signaling, signaling…
Yet traffic, moving slow,
matching the envy in my heart
dazzling green light monster
mocking its very meat

Green light comes on to stun
Signalling, signaling…
The dot sign, green on my
screen becomes distraction.
Emerald light that feeds my greed
These odds desires,
I have no need!

*google image* … Laughing Tayo? 😀

Green light please turn red,
bring this traffic to an end!
My emotions in need of release
a stop to your shine to bring an ease
But will you ever lose your glow?
the answer I am yet to know.
Surely your green light I will see, yet
I pray my heart will not skip a beat.

And though our backs be turned for a while
I still look upon your green light and smile….

I saw the “Y U NO…” Poster and I just had to put it up there for laughs 😀 … A sort of sweet and sour effect… I hope it worked! 😉




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