Untitled: In reaction to the World Toilet Day report

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Worlds Toilet Day
making known my country’s shame…
The tally,
34 million taking a dump on the streets!
Where then do we put our feet?!
… In fear of stepping on shit

How can the leaders deny
development? Still a far cry…
Citizens watch with eyes blood shot as
state wealth streams amongst lesser gods

These lesser dogs,
Tearing away at the meat
Won’t even invite us beggars to the feast
So we lay out on the streets
Watching for scarps from their tables to eat
I even hear a spiritual leader’s got a gold toilet seat!
Probably passes out holy shit

O well,
The whole world’s gone to hell
so why am I bemused?
…Totally confused!

Country surrounded by water,
A hydroelectric dam,
yet my people defaecate in gutters
hardly any power in town

I swear, I can’t stop babbling
The whole thing makes me pissed
I can feel them defecating on me, these
thieves for Politicians filling their
already full pot-bellies,Β  no plans of recompense…

A shout out to the lesser godsΒ  dogs

As Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark this year’s World Toilet Day, a joint UNICEF and World Health Organisation 2012 report has revealed that estimated 34 million Nigerians practice open defecation.

According to the report, Nigeria is amongst top five countries in the world with largest number of people defecating in the open… 😦 #Coveringmyfaceinshame (VANGUARD Newspaper: World Toilet Day – 34 Million Practice Open Defecation #Nigeria)

Still Bemused! 😦


23 comments on “Untitled: In reaction to the World Toilet Day report

  1. …tired of taking a dump inside
    I took my accouterments to the brush nearby
    settled down to dump my pile
    Ouch! I saw the headlines in the paper thereby
    wtf! Didn’t have to make the figure 34million and 1
    And took my bodily self inside…

  2. dang, didn’t even notice this one was linked to dVerse when i read it… sorry πŸ™‚
    loved it, such a strong and powerful one – i love it when people don’t hold back. well done!

  3. Well said. I was just saying this to my teen last night, it disgusts me too that the rich feel such a need to have gold bath taps, gold toilet seat and flushes when after all they are only going in there to poop..same as we all do. It make my blood boil.
    Such a sad excuse for a species we are when we should have dealt with this all over the world when flush toilets were invented.
    Great poem. Again, well said!

  4. This sounds exactly like Kenya–politicians filling their bellies with our money, preachers stealing from congregations, etc. It’s so sad and so frustrating since I know that Kenyans too suffer from lack of basic facilities to be enjoyed by all human beings:(

  5. A poem about poop? A very bold statement that highlights the sad state of affairs but deals with it in an artistic and creative way – great piece and I hope it continues to help raise the awareness of the problem (and draw attention to your own talent).

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