Who’s counting with me?!

Hi guys!

Forgive the silence 😦 – I’ve been busy selling off all my worldly goods and getting ready for the 2o12 Apocalypse … NOT! Just a slight, OK… MAJOR case of writer’s block 😛

I just saw this picture online and thought I’d share it with y’all…

A little comedy relief to suit the festive and yet apocalyptic season 😉

Step aside New year’s day!

We’re counting down to the 21.12.2012… And if all goes according to the Mayan’s supposed prediction then this is me signing off finally 😉

Season’s Greetings from ME to YOU!!! 😉


9 comments on “Who’s counting with me?!

  1. Hmm, should I stock up on extra food in case I’m left as a survivor of “whatever”? Hehe. It seems every year we have end of the world predictions passing. I hope this one doesn’t stick 😀
    Happy holidays my awesome friend

    • Hehehehe!!!

      Scott the Mayans just HAVE to have gotten this one wrong!

      2013 is when “Superman: Man of Steel” comes out!… They could have at least made room for that!!! 😦

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