I smile as I see your face in my wallet…
Traces of you that had begun to fade
and as I am reminded
Sadness drapes over me-thick
curtains at the Epiphany…
” I lost you that day, most certainly”

I stare a little longer
The portal to your soul giving
life to you portrait,
Your eyes beaming back at me,
I hear your laughter- Deep,
Commanding… Gentle,
I breathe a sigh with eyes closed
and hold you in my mental.

2 years you’ve been gone, it feels like 3
Death was cruel to snatch you from me,
Each year passes bringing its distance
Your birthday last year… forgive me, I missed it 😦
But it doesn’t mean you are lost to me
Neither are you forgotten,
‘Just wish I didn’t have to depend on a picture,
I’d rather stare at you in person!

DeeplyΒ  embedded you are in my history
The foundation of my family tree…
To forget you Papa… would be to forget me.
So I’ll hold on to your pictures and be reminded
In hope that at journey’s end we’ll be reunited

Your daughter


25 comments on “Reminder…

  1. Very powerful piece. I could feel the emotions!
    Sometimes in life, all we have left of some dear one, is memory. A picture can always be a good reminder.
    Papa must be proud of you; your piece is a classical!

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