I am Monochrome

So I said lets see other people
BIG mistake!

Days without us caused my passion for you

Your consistence
Your calm
Your tone

I want back my perfect world of

An Apology:

I got on my blog today and realized how much I missed my feet! 😦 … well maybe not my feet exactly! I missed the feeling I got each time I got on my blog and hit the “Home” button-A sort of equable calm. I would step into the world of Black and White, and there waiting for me would be clarity and inspiration (…most times). 

As the new year commenced, in the bid for adventure I thought perhaps “F.K” could do with some pizazz, something new, something fresh (Honey I love you but we should probably start seeing other people 😉 ) – So in search for new Chi I  fornicated  with color on my wall and boy did I regret it! It only brought me absolute chaos 😐 … I found no inspiration, only a mind full of fluctuation and discord.

Its amazing how people get to know a little more about themselves by odd encounters such as this. I for one have come to identify with my love for the mundane… Call me  weird and boring but that’s me…  When I think about it, it only confirms my self poem “Expressing me“- If I had to give color to the image I drew of myself in that piece it definitely would have a deem touch to it,.. but hey! I’m cool with that.. 🙂

The ex-new lookNew Picture, which I actually was fond of, only represented the name “Festival King” but not the personality. My title is one of celebration and yes, perhaps color and excitement, yet I view life in free flowing black and white and the many shades of grey- Stripping away all the junctions and distraction to create raw form.

This is my official apology to “Me” and my world of monochrome (I’m sorry honey, I want back!!! 😦 )… And so in closing, please join me as I raise my glass to the simple, as I celebrate homogeneity and the mundane… as I celebrate FESTIVAL KING

in popping champagne and firework at new year 2013 😉


4 comments on “I am Monochrome

  1. Glass raised “cheers!”
    Very interesting explanation of your site design adventure. The most important part for me here is your writing so I’ll come back regardless of site design.
    BUT!!! To fornicate in color on your PC, I just don’t know what to think of that 😀
    Glad to see an update from you FK. I look forward to more of your inspired words!

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