Mental Percussion


Piano in my head
drown the voices
like the loud rush of a river…
notes of bliss
Con carole– Come hither

Now distant whispers,
further away these maddening fixtures
Twinging ofΒ  string and hammers
stills the voices in my head

Oblivion in my temple
I pay no attention
Music, my intervention
Mental Adagio

Play on and free me from affliction
lost in reality’s maze
without direction
Percussion Play
Con calore
Let melody my demons slay

Perform your symphony
From insanity’s decay take me
Bring me bliss like a baby’s
Elixir for my tortured mind
Dispel these visions haunting
Subdue the voices daunting

Dear Piano in my head
WithΒ  symphony-
Crash down like a might wave
and bid my worries journey far
and with final ease embrace my spirit-


15 comments on “Mental Percussion

  1. What a lyrical masterpiece this is Upe! It took my mind to the setting and created poetic sentiments in my soul as my insides said “YES! This be how it is!”
    Beautifully composed my friend

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