A Rant Due to Realisation

Leaving in the shadow of “cannots”
Held down by inhibiting shackles- Paralyze me they do
In no serial form undone I stand bowed and finally kneel in despair
By my own words so negative I’ve been chained to the ground so ordinary

Wings clipped- I cannot fly

My eyes look up to the sky in hope for change
and I see birds, unlike myself they fly
Winners, Leader, Men who would dare to TRY
They dare to dream and choose not to believe in the lie

“Winners are not born, they are made
under no specific back ground or shade”

In arm this presupposition
I’ll make change my new mission
The decision to take the front row
From paralyzing anchors I’ll let go

Googled! 🙂


18 comments on “A Rant Due to Realisation

  1. good wisdom in this…winners are not born, but made…ha..all about taking a step, falling, getting up again…and those that have most experience in wiping the dirt from their bruised knees and dare to fly again are the winners usually…i like…yeah..let go off the paralyzing anchors and spread that wings…

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