8 Minutes or Less

I write these words on parchment in a matter of minutes
Yet on my heart inscribed in seconds
In essence there they always resided
and with speed of thought my brain speaks,
My fingers grasp the quill and by awe of such thought I am stilled…
Then I write but stunted as ink in my tool takes flight.
By new pen my heart unfolds on paper… “I Love thee”

Festival King

3 minutes


Scott’s rave: Another thought provoking one from Festival King! Oh, you poetess, creating deliberation and debate within my own mind. Now, your words are artful prey of my soul as this hunter delves in, wanting to pounce on the deepest meaning! You taunt my soul FK! Possibly it is all just as it reads, but her style makes one ponder and desire more. Please visit Festival King for more of her great writing!

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