Līgo Haībun Challenge ~ Picture Prompt

The BIG BAD Wolf

So I’m the BIG BAD Wolf taking my morning stroll in the forest – The forest being my natural habitat. Haven’t had breakfast yet- Might I just point out  that I’m a MEAT EATER and so its my God given right to crave flesh.

The morning is still very young and I’m yet to find befitting prey to match my hunger pangs. Then I spot “Red” wondering along in her tacky cloak- Not that the color matters much, I’m Color blind. 

She’s all alone, the defenseless little creature…

WAIT! So I’m the “BAD” Wolf for landing prey that’s coincidentally a little girl, left to roam the forest ALL ALONE while on her way to  long distance- Grand Ma’s house???!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury PLEASE! Putting all bias aside I ask you to consider this poor, hungry carnivore- Me! What would you have done in my shoes (paws), craving your daily fill of flesh and blood? If anything it should be Red’s parent’s baring that  adjective!

I’m not trying to justify what I did- eating Grammy and Red, but it was only natural. I hunt that which is of my territory- within the Forest… THEY WERE!


Much is learnt from this
To see through another’s eyes
prejudice aside

Immerse yourself in the forest for the new picture prompt!


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