Foul Weather (Rant)

Cruel star, burning
 Renders us UV-ray scares
 Glad I've got Sun-screen!

Barbecuing sky,
 Do you like your humans crisp?
 I'm almost ready!

Nerve wrecking heat wave
 Blame it on global warming
 Feels like I'm melting!

Exactly how I feel right now! 😦



28 comments on “Foul Weather (Rant)

  1. Wow, this is intense and your photo is just perfect! Sorry you’re melting, Upe…we have sunny skies, low 70’s! But, when the heat waves come, I look just like that photo as well! Hang in there and turn on those fans! BTW, I agree with you about global warming too! Sending “cool” hugs your way!

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