Male Medusa

                                    (Picture culled from

Non-mythical creature that hunts its prey most times the midnight hour
 Lures it home for a nightcap and somewhere in between will say  
"excuse me while I take a shower"
Time passes and by virtue of alcoholic venom his prey relaxes,
 Defense mechanism deactivated - Here is where his chance is!
His deep stare, paralyzing, undressing his victim before his hands do
 Having his wicked way, by morning through - his victim turned to stone 
rests as another trophy on his mental mantle.


18 comments on “Male Medusa

  1. …he may have the trophy in this world of men but he is forever lost before the Gods… not an advantage to abuse the things you know obviously you are capable of doing to others… the end-result is much painful than what you can imagine… smiles…

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