I and the Land of the rising sun, for where lies our connection?
 Simple me, Nigerian born-
 Daughter to the dark continent-
 From the Kukuruku hills-
 Descendant of a sovereign's son
I am "King" in this kingdom
 speak my name and interpret-
 this inheritance one day for marriage I'll forfeit
 Last name will be gone, set sail like the many ships from Otaru's
Yes I am also she, in the Land of the rising Sun,
 "River running through the sandy beaches",
 Sweet sea breeze-
 Waters filled with God's creatures
 Land centuries old, growing population,
 Economy booming from water import-exportation
In the Land of the rising Sun.
 upsy jHome to the known cherry blossom,
 Immovable I sit within Hokkaido's bosom
So I and the Land of the rising sun... Where lies our connection?
 Only a matter of English-
 I am "King" and still "River running through the sandy Beaches"-
 To Asia's East- time and space, To Africa's West- title graced
 I am Lord, I am Earth and Sky
 I am "OTARU"

Thanks Kevin for the Challenge! πŸ™‚


11 comments on “OTARU

  1. ha. pretty cool connections you draw…so is that an actual word in both languages…how interesting the vast meanings…from king to river that runs through…nice exploration of that though…

    • Yep! Otaru is my Last name -meaning “King”, which stems from the Igbira empire here in Nigeria and is also the name of a City and Port in Japan meaning “River running through the Sandy Beaches” πŸ™‚

  2. …now i got to know you deeper my friend… Otaru has such a magical appeal to my ears & curiosity… i was always fascinated by the Japanese culture & arts and you just inspired me to pursue on my plans of taking another course in Nihongo… 1 year ago i was fortunate enough to try a 4 month course in Japanese literature & language… after this i predict i will have to extend for another set of months of learning… ha… doomo arigatou gozaimasu Otaru san! smiles…

    • Well you could say that Sam, It actually depicts how my last name relates to two different meanings and from two very different cultures πŸ™‚ … I love both meanings by the way πŸ™‚

      You want to know whats funny? Growing up, friends always made fun of me saying that I had to have had Asian blood in my veins just because of my eyes!They even named me “lee”. SO you can imagine how funny it was when I found out about my Surname πŸ˜€

      Anyways,thanks for stopping by! … Loved your piece by the way πŸ™‚

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