Miserable Condition

Life without love is insanity!
Go to a prostitute and FEEL something,
In your bed, cradle her faded affection.
Come morning –  A life without love,
Sinful and Immoral….

I got my material from a book called “POX” written by Deborah Hayden. In the chosen Chapter and Paragraph, she takes a look a the life of Vincent van Gogh– quoting him on matters of the heart amongst other things.

Today’s dVersePoets’ prompt has us rearranging texts  from any literary source into a poetic form – Dadaist Poetry.

Feel free to join in! 🙂


33 comments on “Miserable Condition

  1. Van Gogh should know. What an interesting source text, for sure. A man of pictures comes through in his words. Interesting that the method pulled this together. How did you select words or sentences?

    • Hello there!

      My reconstruction comes from rearranging certain words in page 157 of the book “POX” by Deborah Hayden. Here she quotes Van Gogh- “I think a life without love is sinful and Immoral”… Well I just picked words from the page along with his quote and created this piece 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Cheers 🙂

    • Van Gogh contracted Syphilis, which back then had no cure due to those extremes Brian… What?! did I just hear someones say ” Well thank goodness for 21st Century Protection”? 😉 😀

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Wow, this is excellent, as if you just wrote it naturally. It doesn’t feel choppy or muddled at all. Very clear meaning.

  3. …strong piece that rings truth… if i hadn’t know of the topic today at dverse i wouldn’t thought this as having done after dadaist principle/s… great one… smiles…

  4. Excellent–I love the phrase, “faded affection.” You are right on the money here, life without love must be entirely miserable. Great work!

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