Broken goddess

Slipping into his skin ...
 Her kicking and screaming won't wake him
 "Mr Hyde"  overtakes him- Beast let loose
 by fermented hops and barley juice,
 Man's wasted form he puts to use - Woman's
 fragile form left to feel the sting of his abuse
Gin and green fairies tonight, one too many
 No green eyed monsters to cause the Angst
 that ends in Violence- No its not jealousy,
 Just 48 to 75 percent alcoholic
 influence, liquid content only!
Distilled liquids letting him slip from reality
 Spirits giving him a false sense of immortality- Allowing
 uninhibited movements of his fists and feet across her body
 ...She left wondering "was it him or was it me?"

Dear Broken goddess, beaten black and blue, Yeah, that’s right! I’m talking to you! Be of courage and stop being the victim! Become the wiser – Break away from the system! You want love but why settle for a drunken woman beater?! walk away and allow yourself be loved by someone millions better!



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